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Eliud Martinez Eliud Martinez

Professor Emeritus
E-mail: eliud.martinez@ucr.edu


Eliud Martínez, artist and novelist, is the author of Voice-Haunted Journey (1990, U of AZ, Tempe: Bilingual Review Press) and of two unpublished novels. He has also published short story excerpts from his unpublished novels. Professor Emeritus of Creative Writing and Comparative Literature at the University of California, Riverside campus, he has published several scholarly articles and essays, and a book, The Art of Mariano Azuela. In 1975 he introduced the first multi-ethnic literature course at UC Riverside, “Chicano Literature in Comparative Ethnic Perspective.” In 1985, he designed “Introduction to Race and Ethnicity,” a course that became a requirement for all students at UC Riverside. In 1991 his course “Creative Writing and Ancestry” also became a required course for majors and minors in creative writing. The stories included in this anthology were written for this class.