UCR Bell Tower



The Department of Creative Writing
University of California, Riverside
900 University Avenue
ARTS 121
Riverside, CA 92521

Tom Lutz, Chair & Professor of Creative Writing
Phone: 323.333.3210
E-mail: tom.lutz@ucr.edu

Financial & Administrative Officer
Office: ARTS 126
Phone: 951.827.5491


Elaine Chacon
Office Location: INTN 3033A
Email: elaine.chacon@ucr.edu
Advisor for students with names: A – Hi

Anthony Gonzalez
Office Location: INTN 3033B
Email: anthony.gonzalez@ucr.edu
Advisor for students with names: Ho – M

Jennifer Paramo
Email: jennifer.paramo@ucr.edu
Advisor for students with names: N – Z


Advising Hours

Walk-In Hours: Mon-Thurs, 1-330 PM*
*Hours are subject to change

Make Appointment with Advisor

Benicia Mangram
Administrative Coordinator
Office: ARTS 129
E-mail: benicia@ucr.edu

Melanie Ramiro
Performing Arts Marketing Specialist
Office: ARTS 119
Phones: 951.827-3245
E-mail: melanie.ramiro@ucr.edu

Inquiry for MFA program:

Bryan Bradford, Coordinator
Phone: 951.827.5568
E-mail: MFAadvising@ucr.edu

For prospective freshman students:

Office of Relations with Schools
1120 Hinderaker Hall
Riverside, CA 92521
Phone: 951.827.4531
E-mail: discover@pop.ucr.edu

For prospective transfer students:

Transfer and Reentry Services
H101 Bannockburn
Riverside, CA 92521
Phone: 951.827.5307
E-mail: transfer@pop.ucr.edu